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White Oak Creek Waterfalls

To reach this great waterfall area: There are 3 ways to get to the parking area - 35 37.794'N, 93 45.998'W. You can come in off of Barnes Road/County Road 310 off of Hwy 23 (The Pig Trail), or approach from the Low Water Bridge over the Mulberry, or Pink Twist Road from the end of Hwy 219. Either way, just get to the coordinates of the parking area. White Oak Creek Falls is pretty far down the creek drainage so it flows well much longer than most other waterfalls. During flooding, White Oak Falls has a tremendous amount of water going over...amounting to a 120 ft wide waterfall! The map below shows the easiest route and avoids having to cross the creek which can be a challenge sometimes.

White Oak Creek Falls - 1

35 37.031'N, 93 37.982'W

White Oak Creek Falls in flood - 1

35 37.031'N, 93 37.982'W

White Oak Creek Cascade - 2

35 37.008'N, 93 37.969'W

Little Spout Falls - 3

35 36.959'N, 93 38.010'W



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