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West Fork Horsehead Creek Waterfalls

To reach this great waterfall area: You can come in form several different directions to get to this area. Whichever way you come you need to get to County Road 4101 which begins at 35 37.329'N, 93 38.836'W. Drive south on CR 4101 for about 3/4 mile and you will see a road going off to the right. This is Forest Serivce Rd 1445A. You can drive FS 1445A for about 1/4 mile before the road is barricaded. The road continues off to the right on a curve to some homes but just stay straight and park on the road near the barricade. A 4 wheeer trail/old road continues down the entire ridge and then down to the creek (2.5 miles by the road). To reach waterfall 1-4, I prefer to cut down on distance and just bushwhack straight down to the creek and then follow the creek down. There is a bit of a old road trace down to the creek and there may be another path nearby that kayakers have cleared. In many places the creek is the only way down so in high water this will not be possible. You dont want flooding conditions anyway as most of the waterfalls will run good and look great in more normal flow conditions. Some of the falls will be photographable even in dry conditions. You can see from the map below at least 3 locations (top, middle, and lower) where you can get down from the ridge to the creek.


N35 36.605 W93 39.802


N35 36.586 W93 39.943


N35 36.567 W93 40.013



N35 36.549 W93 40.123


N35 36.348 W93 40.367


N35 36.336 W93 40.686

N35 36.136 W93 40.930


N35 36.083 W93 40.875

N35 35.977 W93 40.751


N35 35.942 W93 40.752

N35 35.874 W93 40.787



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