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Shower Chair Area Waterfalls

To reach this great waterfall area: from either Hwy 103 (either from Clarksville or Oark) or Hwy 219 (from Ozark), you need to get to County Road 12/County Road 4015 which begins here - 35 36.898'N, 93 41.531'W. Continue down this road from nearly .70 miles and you will come to a T (after a shallow mud hole or two). Take a right here (road can be muddy there sometimes just go a decent speed and youll be fine). Continue down this road and down the mountain to a Y in the road at 35 37.977'N, 93 42.068'W and take very slowly the right Y. There is immediately another smaller road taking off to the right and you need to take this until you get to the parking area. The area between Shower Chair and Lego Falls may have a few trees on the road but its a short hike on the road or you can follow the bluffline at Shower Chair around to Lego. Backtrack out and continue down the original road to the gas well for the parking for the other set of waterfalls to the north (see map below). You can hear Shower Chair Falls from the road and be down to it in around 5 minutes or less. Lego Falls is also just a few minutes off the road. The other set take a little more time and the terrain is pretty steep but it too is a fairly short roundtrip of less than 1/2 mile.

Shower Chair Falls - 1

35 37.656'N, 93 41.776'W

Shower Chair Falls - 1

35 37.656'N, 93 41.776'W

Shower Chair Cascade - 2

35 37.684'N, 93 41.721'W

Lego Falls - 3

35 37.855'N, 93 41.500'W

Lego Triple Falls - 3

35 37.855'N, 93 41.500'W

Lego Falls Cascade - 4

just below Lego Falls

Unnamed Falls - 5

35 38.136'N, 93 41.730'W

Unnamed Falls - 6

35 38.056'N, 93 41.777'W

Unnamed Falls - 7

35 38.013'N, 93 41.842'W



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