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Sentinel Rock Falls & Area

To reach this great waterfall area: There are 2 ways to get to the parking area - 35 39.652'N, 93 44.734'W. You can come in from Forest Service Road 1504 off of Highway 215 (from Cass or Oark/Hwy 103). The turnoff for FS 1504 is about 1.12 miles West of Byrds Adventure Center. If we are in flooding conditions you will not be able to cross the Mulberry River. The other option is to come in from Pink Twist Rd (aka CR 88) to the south. From Pink Twist Rd take a left at the T onto Forest Service Road 1504 (the T is located at 35 38.975'N, 93 43.904'W). Most of the hike to Sentinel Rock Falls is a easy hike along a old road. Getting down from the road to the falls is a little difficult but quick. The way I have marked is the quickest way in. There is a easier way through the bluffline further northwest (donated by the black dotted rows). There are also some nice bluffs and a crag (#1a). Once you are down below the bluff you can follow the base of the bluff around to the waterfall (which is mostly easy). The old road continues around above Sentinel Rock and there are several small waterfalls just below the road. Eventually, the road comes out at a great bluff overlook of the Mulberry River Valley (donated by the camera). There is a 60+ ft tall pouroff waterfall along NE from Sentinel that you can also catch glimpses of which your descending down the bluff to Sentinel Rock Falls. There is a way through the bluff there NE of #2 and you could get back up on the old road and loop back around.

Sentinel Rock Falls - 1

35 39.713'N, 93 43.850'W

Crag & Overlook - just NW of the way down through the bluff

35 39.781'N, 93 43.883'W

Sentinel Rock Pouroff - 2

35 39.789'N, 93 43.799'W

Unnamed Falls - 3

35 39.591'N, 93 43.828'W

Orphan Bluff Falls - 4

35 39.960'N, 93 44.301'W

Byrds Pouroff - 5

35 40.267'N, 93 44.650'W



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