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Horsehead Creek Waterfalls

To reach this great waterfall area: from Hwy 103 (either from Clarksville or Oark) take County Road 30/4160 towards the community of Batson for about 3.25 miles (west). There will be a old church on the left side with a road slanting off behind it. Follow this road (there is a area that occasionally gets washed out) for about .42 miles and park or to this specific location - 35 37.373'N, 93 37.592'W. There is a faint old road/trail that goes off to the right. This hike in is shorter but will include a couple hundred more feet of elevation change as opposed to parking spot 2. Parking spot 2 is farther down the same road (it gets a little rough) located at 35 37.206'N, 93 37.390'W. There is a road block there. Follow the road behind the road block all the way around to 35 36.699'N, 93 37.813'W. Getting down into the canyon can be difficult with multiple blufflines and extremely steep terrain. The path on the map below is the way I went but it is a little rough in spots. There may be a easier way in there somewhere. You can also come up from Horsehead Lake. The mileage total for this hike would be much higher with a total hike around 6 miles though the overral hike is easier since you dont have to find a way down into the canyon. Getting up to Jenlynn Falls from the lake can be a little difficult but look around and you should be able to find a way up.

If you have a Garmin GPS or want to view the track in Google Earth you can also download this file:

Jenlynn Falls - 1

35 37.031'N, 93 37.982'W

Jenlynn Falls - 1

35 37.031'N, 93 37.982'W

briANjin Falls - 2

35 37.008'N, 93 37.969'W

Marilyn Falls - 3

35 36.959'N, 93 38.010'W

Ron Falls

35 36.955'N, 93 37.982'W

Lucky Falls - 4

35 36.712'N, 93 37.983'W



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