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East Fork Barron Creek - Middle

To reach this very easy kid friendly area: You can come in from either Pink Twist Rd or Hwy 23 (The Pig Trail) but you want to get on Barnes Road. The turnoff for Barnes Road off Hwy 23 is at 35 37.710'N, 93 50.108'W. Head downs Barnes Road until you hit Stratton Road ( 35 37.978'N, 93 47.360'W ). Head down Stratton Road until you come to a Y at take the right fork heading down. Follow this road for about .45 miles and you will see a smaller road diving off to the left and head down it. It dead ends in a field that is the site of a old exploratory gas well and park. The road trace you will head down is just to the left when you enter the field. Most vehicles could handle driving down that road but its so short of a hike anyway it really doesnt matter. If you want to drive down it you will be able to go about .23 miles before you will have to park. Otherwise, just follow the map. A old road parallels the creek for nearly the entire way so you can walk the creek or the trail or some combination of both. At the more scenic areas the trail tends to approach or go to the creek. (see map below)

Cascade - #1

35 38.776'N, 93 46.479'W

Cascade - #2

35 38.820'N, 93 46.485'W

Stretch of Creek above #3

Stretch of Creek just above #3

East Fork Barron Creek Falls - #3

35 39.107'N, 93 46.519'W

Little Slot - #4

35 39.107'N, 93 46.519'W

Little Slot - #4

35 39.107'N, 93 46.519'W

Unnamed Falls - #5

35 39.213'N, 93 46.609'W

creek view below #5

Cascade below #5

Unnamed Falls - #6

35 38.796'N, 93 46.668'W

Unnamed Falls - #7

35 38.695'N, 93 46.900'W



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