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Clear Creek Falls Area Waterfalls

To reach this great waterfall area: from either Hwy 103 (either from Clarksville or Oark) or Hwy 219 (from Ozark), you need to get to County Road 12/County Road 4015 which begins here - 35 36.898'N, 93 41.531'W. Continue down this road from nearly .70 miles and you will come to a T (after a shallow mud hole or two). Take a right here (road can be muddy there sometimes just go a decent speed and youll be fine). Continue down this road and down the mountain to a Y in the road at 35 37.977'N, 93 42.068'W and take the left of the Y (your going pretty much straight). Proceed down the road till you come to another road that dives down off to the left (a gate blocks the main road). Take the road that dives off to the left ( 35.634718, -93.704252). If you want a longer hike or have a low clearance vehicle you may consider parking there. I can take my Honda Civic down the road just fine. Park at the open area marked P on the map or if you have a jeep or 4 wheeler you can take the road all the way to the falls. The only part of the hike that isnt on the old road trail is the hike up to waterfall 4. The easiest way is there where the trail cross the creek make your way downstream and then below the bluff on creek right and the bluff will take you to the stream and then follow the stream up to the waterfall. There are small waterfalls and cascades above and below waterfall 1. In fact from the last crossing of the creek there are several and I advise hiking around that whole stretch (from the creek crossing up to waterfall 2 to waterfall 1 to waterfall 3). #7 is a neat area of old stone structures. #8 is a small creek wide waterfall where the trail crosses. To the east of the creek and trail are several side drainages. All of them have small falls, cascades, and other neat little features. Some of the going gets tough but if your looking for more to explore these are some great little areas. You can also get to Clear Creek Falls from Pink Twist Road but its much longer and only advisable for 4 wheelers.

Clear Creek Falls - 1

35.625996, -93.720689

Clear Creek Falls - 1

35.625996, -93.720689

Clear Creek - 2

35.626560, -93.719662

Clear Creek

below #2 and above creek crossing

Side Drainage into Clear Creek - 3

35.625406, -93.721794

Side Drainage into Clear Creek - 4

35.625899, -93.715190

Side Drainage into Clear Creek - 5

35.629377, -93.715472

Peek-A-Boo Falls - 6

35.632667, -93.717232

Stone Structures - 7

around 35.634779, -93.717026



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