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Comet ISON & Comet Lovejoy

FINDER CHART FOR Friday Morning/11-15-2013:

11-14-2013 - Comet ISON is brightening rapidly. This outburst will likely continue and it should be naked eye visible anytime if its not already. It should be fairly easy to find in binoculars.

Comet ISON this morning (11-14-13)

Comet Lovejoy is also brightening. This is also from this morning.

11-8-2013 - Comet Lovejoy is still brighter but ISON is brightening and it already has a more well defined tail than Lovejoy

Comet ISON

Comet Lovejoy

11-1-2013 - Comet Lovejoy is looking nice. ISON is still dim and Im barely able to find it.

Comet Lovejoy

10-10-2013 - My first image of Comet ISON. Its faint but you can just make it out in the upper left. Mars is the bright object.

Comet ISON



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